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Battery Charger Tester Anazlyer for Lithium Ion Battery Measuring

Battery Charger Tester Anazlyer for Lithium Ion Battery Measuring

  • Current Range1
    0.12uA - 180uA
  • Current Range2
    180uA - 6mA
  • Current Range3
    6mA - 180mA
  • Current Range4
    180mA - 6.5A
  • Voltage Delta U
  • Current Response Time
    Less Than 100μS
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Carton Box , W - D - H , 585 - 575 - 130mm
  • Delivery Time
    20 working days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    100 Units Per Month

Battery Charger Tester Anazlyer for Lithium Ion Battery Measuring

Battery Charger Tester Anazlyer for Lithium Ion Battery Measuring
The core technologies are improvement on a new height , such as 8channel design , 0.02percent of FS accuracy, 1000Hz data acquisition frequency , multi - range , supporting GSM and CDMA . If you need highly accurate current output range to tell the subtle difference of the battery material , but don’t need many pulse tests , then CT - 9000 - 5V5A - 8CH is the better choice .


Accuracy 0.02percent of FS , 4 auto - switch output ranges , 400us pulse width, 1000Hz data record frequency , characterized above and even more advanced features , Neware BTS9000 is born to be the most advanced battery testing system , it is the best choice for you to find the future battery material .
Neware CT - 9000 is the best ever battery tester from Neware , it came into the market with extremely high accuracy , Amazingly quick hardware response time , high - speed data acquisition frequency and many other industry - proven characteristics , it can tell the subtle difference of all kinds of battery materials , it helps you to find the future battery material and solution . CT - 9000 is mainly designed for Battery research insitutues , universities and laboratories of battery companies.
1 . BTS9000 is based on Neware sixth - generation testing system . It's designed for battery material research , high - precision tests, pulse charge/discharge tests , DCIR test , and cycle life test .
2 . As the most cutting - edge equipment for battery material research , BTS9000 comes with extremely high accuracy 0.02 percent of FS , amazing hardware response speed - less than 100μs , wide range of applications , high - speed testing data acquisition and many other industry - proven characteristics , its your ultimate choice for battery material research .
A. 1000HZ
We designed and shipped our sophisticated series which is characterized with a max . data acquisition frequency of 1000Hz , a minimum pulse width reaching 400us , an accuracy of 0.02percent of FS and auto multi - current ranges enabled .
B. 43,000 Hours - 5 years
Uninterrupted operation hours of 43000 hours , and equipment still outputs and measures accurately .
C. Customers
We supply , cooperate with more than 19000 customers all over the world , ranging from battery manufacturer to research and develop institutes .
It characterized with a data acquisition frequency up to 1000Hz , an accuracy of 0.02pecent of FS and a minimum pulse width of 400us - microsecond which can be utilized for GSM or some other rapid pulse tests . Comes to the pulse tests , BTS9000 supports GSM Global System for Mobile Communications , GPRS General Packet Radio Service , CDMA - standby , CDMA - talk Code Division Multiple Access , IDEN Integrated Digital Enhanced Networks , etc.


Project index Parameter index
Channel Features Four test range , wide dynamic range , high speed sampling , high precision
Channel Control Mode Independent control
Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range 0 V~5V
Min discharge voltage 0.7 V - 0.5m cable , 5A discharge
Accuracy 0.02percent of FS
Stability 0.005percent of FS
Current Accuracy 0.02 percent of FS
range1 , 36nA
range2 , 1.2uA
range3 , 36uA
range4 , 1.3mA
Stability 0.005 percent of FS

Battery Charger Tester Anazlyer for Lithium Ion Battery Measuring 0