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4 Channel 24 Bit Cycler EV Battery Testing Equipment 150V100A

4 Channel 24 Bit Cycler EV Battery Testing Equipment 150V100A

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    4 Channel EV Battery Testing Equipment


    24 bit EV Battery Testing Equipment


    Cycler battery discharge tester

  • Voltage Cover
    15V - 150V
  • Current Cover
    0.5A - 100A
  • Accuracy
    0.05 Percent Of FS
  • Current Response
  • Channel Number
  • Min Pulse Width
    More Than 100ms
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden Box , W - D - H , 800 - 800 - 1800 mm
  • Delivery Time
    45 working days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    50 Units Per Month

4 Channel 24 Bit Cycler EV Battery Testing Equipment 150V100A

Automotive Battery and Electric Vehicle Test Equipment 150V100A Battery Cycler


CE - 6000 series regenerative battery module pack tester designed for secondary battery charge / discharge test , specialized in testing high power module / pack battery . It has a high dynamic response speed , high accuracy . Also , the regenerative function is included to greatly reduce power consumption during the discharge test .


Function features - some functions need to be customized

A high performance charge and discharge detection platform for high power density battery modules , packages.

Using AC / DC , DC / DC two - stage high frequency isolation modular design , combined with low temperature drift , high performance multi - channel 24 bit

The steady - state accuracy of ADC is higher than that of traditional equipment .

The system has high power density , multi - channel integration and energy recovery function .

HMI operation , one key intelligent automatic calibration .

Multiple BMS adaptability , support charge / discharge same / different port , support relay / mosbms scheme , support independent can and RS485 communication expansion , support DBC configuration function .

The remote control of upper computer is realized through Ethernet , which can realize parallel channel , support pulse and condition simulation .

The design of human - computer interaction interface makes the system function simple and easy to operate , support multiple custom settings , with regular calibration automatic reminder service .


Fast response
DC / DC adopts single CPU control , reduces data communication time and dynamic conversion time less than 10 mS , which is superior to parallel power unit system .

Excellent performance
The controller is designed with high - speed and high - precision sampling control chip, optical fiber driver and self - made driver board . It has strong anti - interference ability , system conversion efficiency more than 94 percent , grid - connected harmonics less than 3 percent , power factor more than 0.99 , charging and discharging accuracy less than 0.1 percent .

Patent Heat Dissipation
The EBM centrifugal fan imported from Germany , the patented scheme of upper and lower air inlet and outlet heat dissipation , the efficient design of heat dissipation duct , good heat dissipation effect and low temperature rise of the device can effectively reduce dust and sand entering the cabinet and prolong the life of the product . 






Charge Constant current , Constant power
Discharge Constant current , Constant power
Min pulse width 100ms
Pulse counts Each pulse step supports 32 different pulses
Chg and Dschg switch Supported
Cut-off condition Voltage, Time
Simulated Condition Charge mode Constant current , Constant power
Discharge modes Constant current , Constant power
Cut-off condition Time , Line Number
Continuous switching Chg and Dischg One simulation step can realize a continuous switching from charging to discharging
Limit step number 1 million


Max cycles 65535
Max steps 254
Cycle nest Nested loop Function,Max Support 3 Layers
Charge and discharge efficifency more than 90 percent
Protection Anti - surge , anti - islanding , over - under - frequency , over - under - voltage , phase - loss protection , etc .
Protection grade IP20

Channel parallel

Supported , parallel channels do not support pulse and simulation testing

Energy feedback The discharge energy can be fed back to the power grid
Channels feature Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source with Independent pairs of Closed - loop Structure
Channels control mode Independent control
Noise less than 65dB
Database MySQL
Communication TCP / IP
Operating system Windows 7 / 10 64bit
Data export EXCEL , TXT
Min. disk drive 500GB
Communication port Ethernet port
Communication port CAN communication module support the communication with BMS to obtain the single voltage and temperature in BMS


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