• Mr. SAVIN Jean-Francois
    We have been using Neware benches for testing our primary cells and batteries for several years. We are quite satisfied about the quality of this type of equipment and we find always good and very reactive feedback from their after-sales service to help us in specific case.
  • Prof. Lv Li
    We have been using Neware battery testing system for many years. We are focused on different electrochemical tests of lithium-ion batteries. The Neware machine is easy to be used and the program is easy to set. We have conducted charge-discharge cycling for more than 5000 cycles and the machine showed very good stability, which helped us to obtain
  • Mr. Frank Groen
    Various neware testing systems have been equipped our laboratory for years and serves very good. We use them for many kinds of tests. Easy to handle the tests and data is well organized for our reporting work. The most important thing is the measurement and control are quite accurate and reliable.
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Hybrid 300V200A EV Battery Testing Equipment Three Phase Zero Line

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Neware
Certification CE
Model Number CE-6001n-300V200A-IG
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Price USD negotiation per Unit
Packaging Details Wooden Box , W - D - H , 800 - 800 - 1800 mm
Delivery Time 45 working days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 50 Units Per Month
Product Details
Voltage 30V - 300V Current 1A - 200A
Accuracy 0.02 Percent Of FS Plus 0.02 Percent Of RD Current Response Less Than 3ms
Channel Number 1 Min Pulse Width 100ms
High Light

Zero Line EV Battery Testing Equipment


hybrid EV Battery Testing Equipment


300V200A hybrid battery test equipment

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Product Description

Neware 300V200A Automotive Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Test Equipment


Three phase AC-DC module

Three phase zero line design , the advanced three - phase zero line design is adopted . Through the mature and reliable three - phase bridge PFC circuit , the bus voltage is stable to meet the demand of rapid response .

High power and low harmonic , bidirectional power factor more than 0.99 , low current harmonic less than 5 percent , suitable for all kinds of bad power grid , reliable grid connected inverter .


Soft switch design: combined with mature and excellent soft switch design , it realizes bidirectional high - frequency isolation , bidirectional energy flow , high efficiency , energy saving and high energy density ;

Strong compatibility , excellent electromagnetic compatibility, more reliable and efficient module .


Bidirectional DC - DC module

Adopt buck - boost circuit : adopt efficient and reliable buck - boost circuit to realize fast response of charging and discharging .

High performance LCL filter design: combined with high performance LCL filter circuit , low ripple , high precision , independent control of each channel , support channel / module parallel connection .

Meet different test requirements , the topology supports flexible transformation , and can expand compatible charge and discharge ports and zero negative pressure discharge to meet various battery test requirements .



Modularization - Each module is 4 channels 120V50A . Expandable for 8 channels / 12 channels, etc , in one cabinet .

Parallelled , Up to 4 channels to be parallelled connection , can reach 200A in one module .


Regeneration - The regenerative function is included to greatly reduce power consumption during the discharge test .


Communication - Able to log parameters from BMS , Chamber, I / O signals as a condition for cut - off or protection during testing . Support CANbus , RS485 protocol , SMbus , I2C.


Simulation - Because of high dynamic response speed , it supports the profile dynamic simulation , such as DCIR , HPPC , NEDC , FUDC , and other tests .


CAN Bus Decoder

To handle data exchange with the BMS installed on battery module or pack , Neware 6000 is also a CANBUS decoder with decode the signals from BMS . And these valuable data could be applied for further computing like used as stopping or protection conditions .


You can config which frame of CANBus data is for what use manually . Data also can be easily processed with the DBC file imported .


Simulation - the Way You Look into Reality

You know battery capacity at at constant current , or power , or load . But the reality is that no the energy is drawn by a constant variable . Your capacity or energy tested under constant conditions can only be a general one , and the cycle life tested such regime can also be largely deviated from reality . To have a better master of reality, simulation is introduced . GSM pulse is of such kind for phone batteries . for EV batteries , Drive Cycle Simulation is used .


Driving Cycle Simulation

Driving cycles are used to simulate car fuel economy at different operating conditions . There are many driving schedules or driving cycles that are issued by various agencies or institutes. To simulate EV , you need to convert the speed output into the power consumption or regeneration of the energy storage device installed on the vehicle .


Fast response
DC / DC adopts single CPU control , reduces data communication time and dynamic conversion time less than 10 mS , which is superior to parallel power unit system .

Excellent performance
The controller is designed with high - speed and high - precision sampling control chip, optical fiber driver and self - made driver board . It has strong anti - interference ability , system conversion efficiency more than 94 percent , grid - connected harmonics less than 3 percent , power factor more than 0.99 , charging and discharging accuracy less than 0.1 percent .

Patent Heat Dissipation
The EBM centrifugal fan imported from Germany , the patented scheme of upper and lower air inlet and outlet heat dissipation , the efficient design of heat dissipation duct , good heat dissipation effect and low temperature rise of the device can effectively reduce dust and sand entering the cabinet and prolong the life of the product . 






Charge Constant current , Constant power
Discharge Constant current , Constant power
Min pulse width 100ms
Pulse counts Each pulse step supports 32 different pulses
Chg and Dschg switch Supported
Cut-off condition Voltage, Time
Simulated Condition Charge mode Constant current , Constant power
Discharge modes Constant current , Constant power
Cut-off condition Time , Line Number
Continuous switching Chg and Dischg One simulation step can realize a continuous switching from charging to discharging
Limit step number 1 million


Max cycles 65535
Max steps 254
Cycle nest Nested loop Function,Max Support 3 Layers
Channels feature Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source with Independent pairs of Closed - loop Structure
Channels control mode Independent control
Noise less than 65dB
Database MySQL
Communication TCP / IP
Operating system Windows 7 / 10 64bit
Data export EXCEL , TXT
Min. disk drive 500GB
Communication port Ethernet port
Communication port CAN communication module support the communication with BMS to obtain the single voltage and temperature in BMS


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