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200L CE Constant Climate Chamber , Neware Battery Cell Testing Equipment

200L CE Constant Climate Chamber , Neware Battery Cell Testing Equipment

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    200L constant climate chamber


    Neware constant climate chamber


    CE battery cell testing equipment

  • Inner
    500 - 500 - 800mm
  • Outer
    600- 720 - 1500mm
  • Temperature Range
    0 Celsius Degree - 60 Celsius Degree
  • Temperature Fluctuation
    1 Celsius Degree
  • Temperature Deviation
    2 Celsius Degree
  • Volume
  • Place of Origin
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  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden Box
  • Delivery Time
    30 working days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    30 Units Per Month

200L CE Constant Climate Chamber , Neware Battery Cell Testing Equipment

Neware Battery Test Chamber Cell Isolating Thermal Safety Chamber


Constant Temperature Chamber

1 . It can analyze and evaluate whether the battery can meet required international standard and provides a good reference in product research and development stage .


2 . Neware Constant Temperature Test Chamber aims to test battery performance under constant temperature by simulating room temperature condition .


3 . What's more , it’s widely applied on Electronics, Telecommunication, Automobile, Packaging, Aerospace, Electric products, Pharmaceuticals industry, etc.


Neware environmental test chamber - also knows as high and low temperature box , high temperature box , incubator and explosion proof box - is researched and produced by Neware for battery testing in new energy industry , which can provide the required high temperature , low temperature and constant temperature environment for battery charge , discharge and safety performance testing , and it can simulate climate environment for researchers to do tests in lab .


4 . Neware environmental test chamber is also a reliable equipment for all companies such as electronics , electricians , instruments , materials and semiconductor , as well as for departments such as schools , medicine , chemical , environmental protection , agriculture , livestock and aquatic products , etc .


Standard configuration of test chamber

Lead hole , can be increased , 4 holes with diameter of 100 mm

With soft rubber plug , 2 on the left and right sides of the box

Casters , 4 with adjusting feet

Observation window: multi layer hollow electric heating film heating anti fog observation window - located on the door

The electric mist eliminator inside the glass can provide the best observation line of sight .

One Lighting lamp


Single hinged door - left hinge, right handle , equipped with observation window , lighting lamp

Window frame / door frame anti condensation electric heating device, double silicone rubber sealing strip

control panel Controller display screen , over temperature protection setter , etc
Refrigeration unit room Refrigeration unit , water tray , drain hole and condensing fan
Power distribution control cabinet

One main power leakage circuit breaker, distribution board , exhaust fan and Ethernet physical interface

Temperature and humidity controller , AC contactor , circuit breaker , thermal relay


Temperature limiting protector , solid state relay and transformer , etc

heater Fin heater , heater control mode - contactless equal period pulse width modulation , SSR solid state relay
Power line hole and drain hole Located on the back of the box
Explosion proof pressure relief port , if have It is located at the top of the box and automatically opens when the pressure of the test space exceeds the set pressure


200L CE Constant Climate Chamber , Neware Battery Cell Testing Equipment 0