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Neware 225L High And Low Temperature Battery Test Chamber For Electronics

Neware 225L High And Low Temperature Battery Test Chamber For Electronics

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    225L Battery Test Chamber


    Neware Battery Test Chamber


    Neware high low temperature test chamber

  • Size
    W280mm - D250mm - H360mm
  • Outer Size
    W360mm - D450mm - H500mm
  • Range
    Negative 20 Celsius Degree - 150 Celsius Degree
  • Fluctuation
    Less Than 1 Celsius Degree , No Load , Stable Temperature
  • Deviation
    2 Celsius Degree , No Load , Stable Temperature
  • Volume Range
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden Box , W360mm - D450mm - H500mm
  • Delivery Time
    30 working days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    30 Units Per Month

Neware 225L High And Low Temperature Battery Test Chamber For Electronics

Neware High and Low Temperature Test Chamber Safety Care Battery Test


High Low Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

1 . Temperature humidity Test Chamber aims to test battery performance under high low temperature by simulating harsh climate condition . 


2 . It’s widely applied on Electronics , Telecommunication , Automobile , Packaging , Aerospace , Electric products , etc .


3 . Different run program can be set according to different test process of battery performance . Then the battery tester and chamber will run automatic by setting. Reduce the human operation .


4 . The chambers build - in sensor will trigger an automatic alarm when it detects abormal conditions . The chamber will protect and shutdown , then send the alarm information to the assigned terminal .


5 . Independent development the temperature control module in the electronic control system by Neware . Improve the control accuracy of temperature .


6 . Neware environmental test chamber aims to test battery performance under temperature by simulating harsh climate conditions .


7 . It can analyze and evaluate whether the battery can meet the required international standard and provides a good reference in the product R&D stage . Whats more , its widely applied to Electronics , Telecommunication , Automobile , Packaging , Aerospace , Electric products , Pharmaceuticals industry , etc .


It is forbidden to

1 . Test or storage of samples of flammable , explosive and volatile substances

2 . Test or storage of corrosive material sample

3 . Testing or storage of biological samples

4 . Test or storage of sample of high electromagnetic emission source

5 . Test and storage of samples of highly toxic substances

6 . Test or storage of samples that may produce the above substances or objects during test or storage

7 . Test and storage of radioactive material sample


Thermal insulation enclosure

Outer wall material , high quality cold rolled steel plate, surface spray and paint treatment .


Inner wall material , stainless steel SUS304

Box insulation material , rigid polyurethane foam plus glass wool - insulation thickness 100mm .

Door insulation material , glass wool

control panel Controller display screen , over temperature protection setter , etc
Refrigeration unit room Refrigeration unit , water tray , drain hole and condensing fan
Power distribution control cabinet

One main power leakage circuit breaker, distribution board , exhaust fan and Ethernet physical interface

Temperature and humidity controller , AC contactor , circuit breaker , thermal relay


Temperature limiting protector , solid state relay and transformer , etc

heater Fin heater , heater control mode - contactless equal period pulse width modulation , SSR solid state relay
refrigeration system - if have
operation mode Mechanical compression single stage refrigeration
Refrigeration compressor Hermetic compressor imported from France
Main refrigeration components

Expansion valve , pressure controller , drying filter

Refrigeration solenoid valve, reservoir, oil separator, etc

evaporator Finned tube heat exchanger - also used as dehumidifier
condenser Air cooled type , finned tube heat exchanger
Throttling device Expansion valve / capillary
Control mode of refrigerator

The control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the refrigeration unit according to the test conditions .

Compressor return air cooling circuit

cryogen R404A , ozone depletion index is 0
Control system
Controller model Professional temperature and humidity controller
Setting mode Color touch, human-computer interaction, Chinese / English interface
Display accuracy Temperature - 0.01 Celsius degree , Time - 1 min
Over temperature protection Independent over temperature protector , when the temperature of the working room exceeds the temperature set by the protection device , it will stop and send alarm signal
Interconnection with battery testing equipment
Device hardware connection BTS computer software , battery detection equipment and test box are interconnected by channel line and data communication line
others During the test , opening the door of the test chamber will cause the temperature fluctuation in the chamber , During the test , if the door is opened for many times or for a long time , or the test sample emits wet steam , the heat exchanger of the refrigeration system may freeze and fail to work normally


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