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16CH Lithium Ion Neware Battery Test System Pulse Simulation Discharge Analyzer

16CH Lithium Ion Neware Battery Test System Pulse Simulation Discharge Analyzer

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    lithium ion Neware Battery Test System


    16CH lithium ion battery analyzer


    Pulse Simulation Neware Battery Test System

  • Voltage Range
    100mV - 20V
  • Current Range
    50mA - 10A
  • Input Power
  • Min Voltage Resolution
  • Min Current Resolution
  • Per Unit Channel Number
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
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    USD Negotiation per Unit
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    Wooden BOX
  • Delivery Time
    45 working days
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    50 Units Per Month

16CH Lithium Ion Neware Battery Test System Pulse Simulation Discharge Analyzer

16CH Neware Battery Test Instrument Pulse and Simulation Discharge Analyzer


A . DCIR - Direct Current Internal Resistance

1 . Direct current internal resistance of batteries is the r esistance of current flowing through the battery , with the standard unit of measurement called the ohm .

2 . The value of DCIR is not fixed , and varies depending on multiple factors , such as battery materials , electrolyte concentration , temperature , and depth of discharge .

3 . The variation of DCIR has a great influence on battery discharge performance , especially for high power batteries . In general , the better the battery , the lower the internal resistance .

4 . Therefore , most battery manufacturers identify DCIR as a key indicator to evaluate battery quality . The method of DCIR measurement is to inject high current into the anodeand cathode of the battery in a short period , and then record the changes of battery voltage and charge / discharge current .

5 . To calculate DCIR by Ohm Law , voltage variation is divided by current variation .


B . Software Feature

1 , Windows-based software interface for easy operation .

2 , Uses standard SQL data - base management .

3 , Real - time monitoring windows and integrated graph / data windows can set various working modes for measuring capacity and cycle life of all types of rechargeable batteries , such as:constant current discharge , constant current charge , constant voltage charge , rest , as well as voltage , current , time , capability , negative voltage slope , and other limit conditions .

4 , The user can define the curve by different types such as voltage - time curve , current - time curve , capacity - voltage curve ,

loop times - charge / discharge capacity curve , loop times - charge / discharge efficiency curve , etc . to make curves be compared both by visually and statistically .

5 , Provide timely instructions , warnings, and intelligent support .

6 , Compliance CE Certified .

7 . Neware battery testers provide good accuracies both for voltage and current . This ensures you get the most reliable data from your tests .

8 . A measurement system can be accurate but not precise , precise but not accurate , neither , or both .


9 . Neware battery testers provide good prrecision meanwhile . To get an overall performance of a measurement system , Measurement system analysis MSA is usually introduced for the study .



resolution AD 16bit , DA 16bit
Input Resistance More than 1MΩ
Input Power 4456W
Channel Features Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source with Independent pairs of Closed - loop Structure
Channel Control Mode Independent Control
Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range 100mV - 20V
Discharge Min Voltage 2.5V
Accuracy 0.1 percent of FS
Stability 0.1 percent of FS
Time Current Response Time 20ms
Charge Charge Mode CCCharge , CVCharge , CCCVCharge , CPCharge
End Conditon Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity , -deltaV
Discharge Discharge Mode CCD , CPD , CRD
End Condition Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity
Cycle Loop Measure Range 65535 times
Max Steps Per Loop 254
Nested Loop Nested loop Function , Max Support 3 Layers
Protection Software Protection Power - down Data Protection
Off - line Testing Function
Setting Protection Condition,Setting Parameter - Low Voltage limit , Upper Voltage limit , Low Current limit , Upper Current limit , Delay Time
IP protection level Protection level IP20
Voltage and Current Testing Sample 4 - wire connecting
Noise Less than 85dB
Database MySQL Database
Per Unit Main Channels No. 16


16CH Lithium Ion Neware Battery Test System Pulse Simulation Discharge Analyzer 0