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Prismatic LFP Lifepo4 Capacity Tester , 5V150A Battery Cell Testing Equipment

Prismatic LFP Lifepo4 Capacity Tester , 5V150A Battery Cell Testing Equipment

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    LFP lifepo4 capacity tester


    5V150A lifepo4 capacity tester


    Prismatic battery cell testing equipment

  • Voltage Range
    25mV - 5V
  • Current Range
    750mA - 150A
  • Input Power
  • Min Voltage Resolution
  • Min Current Resolution
  • Per Unit Channel Number
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD Negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden BOX
  • Delivery Time
    45 working days
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  • Supply Ability
    50 Units Per Month

Prismatic LFP Lifepo4 Capacity Tester , 5V150A Battery Cell Testing Equipment

5V150A Neware Battery Cycler Prismatic LFP LiFePO4 Battery Cycle Life Tester


a . Neware battery testers provide good accuracies both for voltage and current . This ensures you get the most reliable data from your tests .


b . Direct current internal resistance of batteries is the r esistance of current flowing through the battery , with the standard unit of measurement called the ohm .The value of DCIR is not fixed , and varies depending on multiple factors , such as battery materials , electrolyte concentration , temperature , and depth of discharge .


c . A measurement system can be accurate but not precise , precise but not accurate , neither , or both .


d . Neware battery testers provide good prrecision meanwhile . To get an overall performance of a measurement system , Measurement system analysis MSA is usually introduced for the study .


e . The variation of DCIR has a great influence on battery discharge performance , especially for high power batteries . In general , the better the battery , the lower the internal resistance . Therefore , most battery manufacturers identify DCIR as a key indicator to evaluate battery quality .


f . The method of DCIR measurement is to inject high current into the anodeand cathode of the battery in a short period , and then record the changes of battery voltage and charge / discharge current . To calculate DCIR by Ohm Law , voltage variation is divided by current variation . 


Software Feature

1 , Windows-based software interface for easy operation .

2 , Uses standard SQL data - base management .

3 , Real - time monitoring windows and integrated graph / data windows can set various working modes for measuring capacity and cycle life of all types of rechargeable batteries , such as:constant current discharge , constant current charge , constant voltage charge , rest , as well as voltage , current , time , capability , negative voltage slope , and other limit conditions .

4 , The user can define the curve by different types such as voltage - time curve , current - time curve , capacity - voltage curve , 

loop times - charge / discharge capacity curve , loop times - charge / discharge efficiency curve , etc . to make curves be compared both by visually and statistically .

5 , Provide timely instructions , warnings, and intelligent support .

6 , Compliance CE Certified . 


Project index

Parameter index

resolution AD 16bit , DA 16bit
Input Resistance More than 1MΩ
Input Power 10633W
Channel Control Mode Independent Control
Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range 25mV - 5V
Discharge Min Voltage 2.5V
Accuracy 0.05 percent of FS
Stability 0.05 percent of FS
Charge Charge Mode CCCharge , CVCharge , CCCVCharge , CPCharge
End Conditon Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity , -deltaV
Discharge Discharge Mode CCD , CPD , CRD
End Condition Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity
Pulse charge CCC , CPC
Discharge CCD , CPD
Min Pulse Width 500ms
Automated Switch Automated swith from charge to discharge for each pulse
End Condition Voltage, Test Time
Cycle Loop Measure Range 65535 times
Max Steps Per Loop 254
Nested Loop Nested loop Function , Max Support 3 Layers
Protection Software Protection Power - down Data Protection
Off - line Testing Function
Setting Protection Condition,Setting Parameter - Low Voltage limit , Upper Voltage limit , Low Current limit , Upper Current limit , Delay Time
IP protection level Protection level IP20
Voltage and Current Testing Sample 4 - wire connecting
A Means of Communication of Upper Machine TCP / IP Protocol
Data Output EXCEL , TXT , Graph
Communication Interface Ethernet Port
Per Unit Main Channels No. 32


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