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AC220V 8 Channel Rechargeable Lithium Battery Analyzer

AC220V 8 Channel Rechargeable Lithium Battery Analyzer

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    Rechargeable Lithium Battery Analyzer


    AC220V Lithium Battery Analyzer


    8 Channel Rechargeable Battery Tester Analyzer

  • LoopMeasureRange
    1 - 65535 Times
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    1 Unit
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    USD negotiation per Unit
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    Carton box , 530 - 360 - 230mm
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    8 working days
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    100 Units Per Month

AC220V 8 Channel Rechargeable Lithium Battery Analyzer

Lithium Rechargeable 8 Channel Battery Analyzer Capacity Cycle Life Tester


Neware Battery Charge and Discharge Test System , ranging from μA single cell applications up to 1MW packs, is a high precision system designed specifically for testing lithium-ion battery cells, modules, packs and capacitors. It is suitable for product development, quality control , and helpful to characteristic research, cycle life testing, product screening, and quality assessment .



Neware battery testing system utilizes LAN as the main framework to transfer data . This provides the most flexibility and reliablity to your system deployment .


When you look down into Neware battery tester , its unique Middle Machine architecture provides another enhancement layer to the data security issue . Moreover , this MM is an embedded system that allows you run tests even your LAN is down .


As we go deeper , dual embedded systems will have large redundancy to handle controls and data transfer .


1 . Nowadays battery capacity density becomes higher and higher , thats the trend of this whole energy industry , people need smaller dimension battery to contain more energy . New technology and upgraded producing process make this idea come into reality .


2 . Of course , high C - Rate charge - Quick charge is another reason for higher current testers become more popular than before . For a 3000mAh cell battery , people want to charge it at 6000mA - 2C or even 9000mA - 3C current . And in some labs , researchers are trying 10C or even higher C - Rate charge or discharge . In this situation , 5V12A is the very rising star for both battery manufactures and researchers .


3 . Neware 5V6A is the most popular battery tester ever , more than 50 percent customers would choose this model as their main products . For customers who came across Neware the first time , 5V6A is also strongly suggested as their tryout demo machine .


Data Recording Record Condition Min Time - 100mS
Min Voltage - 10mV
  Min Current - Range 1 , 2mA Range 2 , 12mA Range 3 , 24mA
Record Frequency 10Hz
Charge Charge Mode CCCharge , CVCharge , CCCVCharge , CPCharge
End Conditon Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity , -deltaV
Discharge Discharge Mode CCD , CPD , CRD
End Condition Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity
Pulse charge CCC , CPC
Discharge CCD , CPD
Min Pulse Width 500ms
Automated Switch Automated swith from charge to discharge for each pulse
End Condition Voltage, Test Time
Cycle Loop Measure Range 65535 times
Max Steps Per Loop 254
Nested Loop Nested loop Function , Max Support 3 Layers
Communication Interface Ethernet Port
Per Unit Main Channels No. 8


AC220V 8 Channel Rechargeable Lithium Battery Analyzer 0