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CCC Charge CCD Discharge 8 Channel 18650 Battery Tester

CCC Charge CCD Discharge 8 Channel 18650 Battery Tester

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    8 Channel 18650 Charger Tester


    CCD Discharge 18650 Battery Tester


    8 Channel 18650 Battery Tester

  • Accuracy
    0.05 Percent Of FS
  • Stability
    0.05 Percent Of FS
  • Current
    0.5mA - 6A Triple Range Automatic
  • Output Power
  • Data Frequency
  • Discharge Voltage
    5V - 0V
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden Box , 95cm - 62cm - 32cm , 30Kgs
  • Delivery Time
    8 working days
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  • Supply Ability
    100 Units Per Month

CCC Charge CCD Discharge 8 Channel 18650 Battery Tester

High Accuracy 18650 Battery Charger Capacity Tester 8 Channel Battery Analyzer



Accurate Timing

Most of us are considering the voltage and current accuracies are the all important factors of a battery tester , but actually timing accuracy is of the same importance .


Capacity or energy is calculated on time basis with the voltage and current measured , thus the timing accuracy will greatly affect the capacity calculated. To a general constant current or other constant testing regimes , this effect may not that easy to be observed .


Data Security

Neware battery testing system utilizes LAN as the main framework to transfer data . This provides the most flexibility and reliablity to your system deployment .


When you look down into Neware battery tester , its unique Middle Machine architecture provides another enhancement layer to the data security issue . Moreover , this MM is an embedded system that allows you run tests even your LAN is down .


Recycle Battery Function

If you have recovery battery pack, like Toyota Prius battery pack (generally, each piece has 6 single Ni-MH cell, then several pieces batteries assembed in one pack), and you need to check each single cell for capacity, cyclie life, resistance, etc. Then assemble the battery cell after sorting by capacity, resistance. You will get the new battery pack. And last you will test the battery pack to check the real capacity and other function parameter.

Voltage & Current - the Very Essential

The accuracies of Voltage and/or current may fundamentally affect the results come from a test. That's why accuracies of voltage and current are so important to a battery tester.


Neware battery testers provide good accuracies both for voltage and current. This ensures you get the most reliable data from your tests.


A measurement system can be accurate but not precise, precise but not accurate, neither, or both. Neware battery testers provide good prrecision meanwhile. To get an overall performance of a measurement system, Measurement system analysis (MSA) is usually introduced for the study.


DCIR - Direct Current Internal Resistance

Direct current internal resistance (DCIR) of batteries is the r esistance of current flowing through the battery, with the standard unit of measurement called the ohm.The value of DCIR is not fixed, and varies depending on multiple factors, such as battery materials, electrolyte concentration, temperature, and depth of discharge.


The variation of DCIR has a great influence on battery discharge performance, especially for high power batteries. In general, the better the battery, the lower the internal resistance. Therefore, most battery manufacturers identify DCIR as a key indicator to evaluate battery quality. The method of DCIR measurement is to inject high current into the anodeand cathode of the battery in a short period, and then record the changes of battery voltage and charge/discharge current. To calculate DCIR by Ohm’s Law, voltage variation is divided by current variation.



Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range Charge :25mV - 5V       Discharge :0V - 5V
  Discharge Min Voltage 1.5V
  Accuracy 0.1percent of FS
  Stability 0.1percent of FS
Current Per Channel Current Range Range 1 : 0.5mA-0.1A       Range 2 : 0.1A - 3A       Range 3: 3A - 6A
  Accuracy 0.1percent of FS
  Stability 0.1percent of FS
Power Per Channel Output Power 30W
Data Recording Record Condition Time delta T , 100mS
Pulse Charge CCC
  Discharge CCD
  Min Pulse Width 500ms
  Automated Switch Automated swith from charge to discharge for each pulse
  End Condition Voltage , Test Time
Cycle Loop Measure Range 65535 times
  Max Steps Per Loop 254
  Nested Loop Nested loop Function , Max Support 3 Layers


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