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CE 8 Channel 3C Battery Capacity Analyzer 5V 6A

CE 8 Channel 3C Battery Capacity Analyzer 5V 6A

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    3C Battery Capacity Analyzer


    Battery Capacity Analyzer 5V 6A


    5V 6A Battery Capacity Tester

  • Discharge
    0V - 5V
  • Current Range1
    0.5mA - 0.1A
  • Current Range2
    0.1A - 3A
  • Current Range3
    3A - 6A
  • Charge
    25mV - 5V
  • End Conditon
    Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity , -deltaV
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Carton box , 530 - 360 - 230mm
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    8 working days
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  • Supply Ability
    100 Units Per Month

CE 8 Channel 3C Battery Capacity Analyzer 5V 6A

Powerbank Battery Cycler Tester 8 Channel Battery Capacity Analyzer


This product is a 5V low - current system battery detection system , supports TWS headset battery and other 3C cell test use , supports 3 measurement ranges , and the test accuracy can reach five ten thousandths .

The overall performance of the equipment is superior and it satisfies a variety of test functions , including DCIR test , pulse simulation test , rate charge and discharge test , cycle life test , etc .


And is equipped with dQ/dV differential capacity curve function.


The use of this function can reduce manual calculations . Save time for personnel data investigation.

Because of its simple structure , modular design, and features such as high response , high precision , and high sampling rate , this series of products is far ahead in the sales of 3C testers .


1 . The model 5V6A can be configured with multi - current range channels , which have a current control range of 0.5mA to 0.1A , 0.1A to 3A , 3A to 6A as standard . The accuracy for current and voltage on these channels is 0.05 percent of FS . From the base system that provides the highest level of accuracy and time resolution , features can be added to allow the 5V6A test system to perform virtualy many type of test , with many type of products – cylindrical , pouch and coin cells , super – capacitors , etc , and chemistries .


2 . Nowadays battery capacity density becomes higher and higher , thats the trend of this whole energy industry , people need smaller dimension battery to contain more energy . New technology and upgraded producing process make this idea come into reality . Of course , high C - Rate charge - Quick charge is another reason for higher current testers become more popular than before . For a 3000mAh cell battery , people want to charge it at 6000mA - 2C or even 9000mA - 3C current . And in some labs , researchers are trying 10C or even higher C - Rate charge or discharge . In this situation , 5V12A is the very rising star for both battery manufactures and researchers .


3 . Neware 5V6A is the most popular battery tester ever , more than 50 percent customers would choose this model as their main products . For customers who came across Neware the first time , 5V6A is also strongly suggested as their tryout demo machine . Neware 5V6A is powerful , reliable , it works on the very popular coin cell , cylindrical cell and prismatic cells , etc . It can be used for battery formation and grading , cycle - life test , performance and so on . From year 2016 , dual range 5V6A was successfully replaced the traditional 5V6A model . Higher range 100mA - 3A - 6A , makes it the best choice for cycle - life test and C - Rate test on 3C battery cells . Lower range 0.5mA - 100mA - 1A , makes 5V6A great for small pouch , coin cell and small battery test .


Channel Features Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source with Independent pairs of Closed - loop Structure
Channel Control Mode Independent Control
Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range 1.5V - 5V
Discharge Min Voltage 1.5V
Accuracy 0.05 percent of FS
Stability 0.05 percent of FS
Current Per Channel Current Range Range1 , 0.5mA - 0.1A Range2 , 0.1A - 3A Range3 , 3A - 6A
Per Channel Current Range Range1 , 5mA - 1A Range2 , 1A - 6A Range3 , 6A - 12A
Accuracy 0.05 percent of FS
Stability 0.05 percent of FS


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