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120V 200A EV Battery Charge Discharge DCIR Tester

120V 200A EV Battery Charge Discharge DCIR Tester

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    EV Battery Charge Discharge DCIR Tester


    120V 200A Battery DCIR Tester


    120V 200A Battery Charge Discharge Tester

  • Voltage
    3V - 120V
  • Current
    1A - 200A
  • Input Power
    56.5 KW
  • Channel Control Mode
    Independent Control
  • Noise
    Less Than 65dB
  • Channel Number
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden Box , W - D - H , 600 - 800 - 1300 mm , 300kgs
  • Delivery Time
    45 working days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    50 Units Per Month

120V 200A EV Battery Charge Discharge DCIR Tester

120V200A Battery Pack Charging and Discharging Capacity DCIR Tester


Network Topology

BTS battery test formation and grading system platform is based on the on - suite network and host computer . This system is easy to operate , and the users can login the system remotely through the Internet to operate the tester . Also , this system is adapted by the SQL database , centralized control of the multiple test equipment , and centralized management and analysis of all the data . 


Three Phase non-neutral wire design : To satisfy the demand of quick response , reliable three phase bridge PFC circuit , stable voltage was adopted for thsi Three phase non - neutral wire design .

High power - low harmonic : Bi - directional power factor more than 0.99 , Low current harmonic less than 5percent , adaptable for extreme grid condition , grid - tie inverter ( GTI ) .

Soft - switching : combined with the mature and excellent soft switch design to realize dual - way , high - frequency isolation , bi - directional energy flow , high - level energy efficient , high energy density . 

Compatibility : Reliable and effetely model adapted by excellent electromagnetic compatibility . 


Bi-directional DC-DC module

1. BUCK-BOOST circuit: adopting BUSK - BOOST circuit to achieve rapid charge or discharge response .

2. Advance LCL filtering design : combined with high - performance LCL filter circuit  , low ripple , high precision , each channels supports independent control , Channel or module parallel are supported .

3. For vary test requirement: The topology of the system supports flexible conversion that can be expanded to be compatible with different charge and discharge ports , and zero negative voltage discharge , to meet various of battery test requirement . 



1. Power test , capacity test , energy density test.

2. Power battery virtual distribution : charge or discharge curve fitting , battery consistency test and evaluation.

3. High rate charge or discharge test .

4. Power battery , serial energy - storage battery module test : single cell voltage , Single cell temperature monitoring ( high - voltage equipment ).


System Specification

1. The CE-6000 test system is designed to test high - capacity battery modules and packs. This battery test system is distinct from high-level accuracy , stability , dynamical rapid response speed, and multi - channel flexible features .

2. The CE-6000 system is available for the Direct Current Internal Resistance ( DCIR ), Cycle Life , and Driving Stimulation test.

3. The CE-6000 system is capable of dual channel input and energy recovery systems to maximize the cost efficiency , allowing the electrical energy produced during discharge to be returned to the electrical grid .


4. The high - level sampling resolution is powered by the bidirectional high-frequency DC converter topology and the high - performance 24 bit multichannel AD converter chips ( ADC ), which are more compatible than the traditional single - range testers.



Training Program

Neware offers after-sales service with certified technician to train the user for operation , maintenance , etc .


Technical supports:

1. Fundamental operational training .

2. Training for equipment LAN set up and power source installation .

3. Basic equipment maintenance training .

4. Software operational training : Installation , upgrading , test steps editing , data backup , data analysis and processing , and data export , etc .

5. Training for safety operation .

6. Hardware maintenance training , basic hardware troubleshooting training .

7. Basic software troubleshooting training ;

8. Technical questions can be answered by Neware after-sales agent .




Charge modes Constant current , Constant voltage , Constant current and voltage , Constant power
Cut - off condition Main channel - Voltage , Current , delta Time , Capacity , - delta V


Discharge modes Constant current , Constant voltage , Constant power , Constant resistance
Cut - off condition Main channel - Voltage , Current , delta Time , Capacity
Channels feature Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source with Independent pairs of Closed - loop Structure
Channels control mode Independent control
Noise less than 65dB
Database MySQL
Communication TCP / IP
Operating system Windows 7 / 10 64bit
Data export EXCEL , TXT
Min. disk drive 500GB
Communication port Ethernet port
Communication port CAN communication module support the communication with BMS to obtain the single voltage and temperature in BMS


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