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Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual

November 15, 2021

Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual





Chapter 1. Inspection

Chapter 2. Installation

2.1 Appearance

2.2 Installation of Cabinet

2.3 Electric connection

2.4 Installation Tools


Chapter 3. Safety Notice

3.2 Safety Requirements for operate technician

3.3 Marking Requirements

3.4 Safety Warning Requirements

After the installation, be sure you lock the cabinet door and keep the keys safely.

3.5 Fire Entrance Requirements

3.6 Battery safety requirements

3.7 Installation requirements

Grounding requirements

3.9 Power-off Operation Requirements

3.10 Scrap Requirements

3.11 Other Protection Requirements

Chapter 4. Equipment Introduction

4.1 System composition

4.2 System topology

4.3 Specification

Chapter 5. Touch Screen Description

5.1 Home page

5.2 Overview

5.3 Setting

5.4 Switch machine

5.5 Operating data

5.6 Fault record

5.7 Automatic calibration

6.1 Power on

6.2 Power off

Chapter 7. Maintenance

7.3 Clean maintenance

7.4 Torque requirements

Chapter 8. Repairing

8.1 Recovering of fault operation

8.2 Common faults




Thank you for choosing Neware. We offer quality production and reliable after-sales service to you.

To ensure the safe operation and the functionality of the equipment, please read this user Manual carefully before operation.

This manual will introduce the fundamental theory, standard, construction, norms of operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting for potential faults, and electrical diagram. Any "test regulation" standards that were mentioned in this menu were for reference only. If you have any objections, please consult the relevant standard-document or research materials.

This manual is intended to instruct the user to properly operate the equipment. Please read carefully.



Neware is not responsible for the damage that results from negligence or fault operations that are not caused by Neware. Please follow this "user manual" to avoid potential negligence or fault.



Keep the manual.

Ask for a replacement if any errors in this manual are found.




This manual is consisted from 4 parts for potential needs.

Name Content
Welcome The description of this manual and the general description of the equipment.
Installation Related installation operations include solutions for installation, setup, and moving.
Operation Introduction to the equipment's fundamental operation methods, and related troubleshooting for problems that you might encounter.
Reference Relevant references to this equipment.

Statement of Safety Symbols:

The symbols below will be indicated in this manual.

Danger A faulty operation can result in serious harm. Do not operate the equipment under this condition.
Warning A faulty operation can result in a minor injury. Additionally, equipment or test samples will be damaged.
Attention Utility or damage prevention indicator.



Steps: operation command

Reference: information for reference


Description of test equipment’s relevant information:

The naming of this equipment is based on the series, the quantity of the channels, the level of voltage/current, the type of charge/discharge port, and the optional negative voltage.

Please check the nameplate on the equipment to confirm the model type.

This manual will include all the models of CE-6000 series equipment. You will be only responsible for reading about the specific model that you purchase.


Model CE-60XXn - 120V 50A -B









Power battery test equipment, XX stands for quantity of channels (e.g. CE-6002n stands for two channels, CE-6012n stands for 12 channels).
Output voltage
Output current for a single channel

-B: separated charge and discharge ports

-F: negative voltage available

(Hint: Standard equipment came without ④ )







CE-6000n power battery test equipment





This chapter states the installation method of the equipment.

Read this chapter if you need to move the equipment.

Users must read this chapter no matter whoever is responsible for installation.


Chapter1. Inspection

Check the items according to the "Packing List" and confirm that all the required items were sent.

If you have any special orders, please check the "Packing List" to confirm.

Contact the supplier (Neware) if there is any loss or damage.

Notice: A "Packing List" will be shipped with the equipment.



Chapter2. Installation

This chapter introduces the appearance of the equipment and the required conditions for installation.


2.1 Appearance

Front Back
latest company news about Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual latest company news about Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual


Appearance Figure(For reference only)

NO. Name FunctionsUsage
1 Indicator Operation indicator
2 Stop button Emergency protection
3 AC/DC Module AD input to DC output
4 DC/AC Module DC input to AC output
5 Footing For equipment positioning
6 Caster For short distance moving
7 Handle For installation
8 Screen Man-computer interaction interface
9 Net port BMS communication port
10 Net port Network communication port
11 Output channel cable Channel cable for batteries connection
12 Breaker On/Off switch of power supply
13 Battery voltage sampling port Sampling the voltage of the connected battery
14 Net port For Auxiliary connection
15 Warning light Reflect ON working conditions


2.2 Installation of Cabinet

Site configuration

This part indicates the spatial requirements for the equipment to ensure safe operation.

  • Site requirement for installation
  • The equipment is required to be setup on the floor with flame-proof material, and the flooring is constructed with the U-bar. The floor is required to be flat and firm enough to support the weight of the equipment.
  • Adequate ventilation and no direct sunlight.
  • Temperature:-10°C~40°C, no rapid temperature change.
  • Humidity: 5%-95%RH
  • Altitude: <2000
  • No high-density dust, no flammable or corrosive components around the equipment.
  • Storage/Operating space

This equipment is designed for in-door usage.

Safety-level-IP20. Equipment is required to be set up on a flat concrete floor or on a setting plate that can support the weight of the equipment. It is suggested to setup an air purification treatment to reduce the effect of the dust.

The air intake is supposed to keep a distance from any closed objects to ensure sufficient ventilation. It is recommended to set up a ventilation device that can control the temperature in the workplace to ensure the long-term reliability of the equipment,

Sufficient space (> 600mm) between testers and walls to ensure ventilation and escape space.

Sufficient space (> 500mm) above the equipment for ventilation, maintenance, and operation.


  • Wire trough requirement

The network cable and power cable should be placed separately to reduce EMI from the power circuit to the network communicator.

  • Moving

This equipment is available for transport by forklift or tray carriage. Check the weight of the equipment and the correct support point for safety purposes.

The forklift is the best transporter for this equipment. The gravity centre of the cabinet is required to be set between the fork arms, and it is suggested to do a test lift. Make sure all the operations are slow and stable. Please place it on the firm and stable floor, and follow the safety operation process.


Use a forklift with the proper size and elevating capacity to move the equipment. Jack the equipment from the bottom. The cabinet must be secured from slipping when jacking up.




latest company news about Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual latest company news about Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual


Adjustable feet (optional) are located on each corner at the bottom of the equipment. The height of the adjustable feet is adjusted by tightening or loosening the nut with a wrench. Adjusting the nut in a clockwise direction will lift the wheels off the floor and the equipment will stand firmly on the floor. Adjusting the nut in a counter-clockwise direction will let the wheels connect to the floor, making the equipment moveable.


2.3 Electric connection

Wires for required connections:

Ground wire

DC side cable

AC side cable

Communication cable


Requirement for Cable

  • All the cables required a sufficient current-carrying capability. The current-carrying capability will be affected by the environmental conditions, insulating materials, method of laying, materials of wire, and cross sectional area.
  • All the cables must based on the maximum AC current and reserve some retained current.
  • All the cables on the same side must have the same parameters and form.
  • The cable must be flame-proofed.



CE-6012n-120V50A cable recommendation:

Connection cable Dimension Mounting hole Torque
Battery side cable 12 mm2(50A) M6 30Nm
AC side cable 50 mm2(150A) M6 30Nm
Ground cable 25 mm2 M6 30Nm


Requirement of power supply

The power supply must meet the below conditions:

  • AC Voltage: 380 V±15% , three-phase four-wire + Protective ground wire.
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz ±5Hz.
  • PGND cable resistance should be less than 4, and a TN-S power supply or TT power supply is required.

Users are required to set up the air switch or power switch with related capacity, and these switches must independently operate for this equipment.


Grid cable connection

Connect the equipment’s cable to the power grid with the method below:

latest company news about Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual latest company news about Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual





Operation steps

Follow the operation steps below after the equipment is positioned:

1. Make sure all the input switches are fully disconnected, the power sources inside the cabinet are disconnected, and label the warning sign on the switch to prevent mistaken operation.

2. Open the covering at the bottom of the back, the copper connector bar will be seen.

3. Connect the grounding wire to the ground screw, as shown in the PE sign below.

4. Connect the three-phase AC (A, B, C phase line and neutral line) cable to the breaker.

5. Reinstall the metal covering after all the cables are connected.


Grounding wire

Ground connection will prevent electric shorts or noise generated by abnormal operation. The ground wire is provided. Please prepare the ground wire terminal. The grounding wire terminal connector is on the back of the equipment close to the breaker. Please properly connect the ground wire with the system protection.

The grounding wire should not be less than 16mm in diameter and the contact resistance should not be more than 4Ω.



Operation steps:

Refer to Grid cable connection-operation step-3.






latest company news about Neware CE-6000n High Voltage Power Battery Pack Test Equipment User Manual






Explosion! Do not place the equipment closed to the gas pipe.

Grounding is required! Otherwise,the RCCB will not be functional and cause an electric shock. Also, the power interference protection will be disabled.






Do not use the same grounding terminal as other devices in the absence of an RCCB! Otherwise, the risk of electric shock will increase.


Do not cross-grounding with other devices! Otherwise, the risk of electric shock will increase.


The device's external power sources are not permitted to be paired with power sockets or knife switches.


The power source cable must be tightened with a screw! A loose connection will increase the impedance, generate more heat, and increase the risk of fire.


Do not turn the power on when:

Open the cover panel of the electric cabinet.


Inspecting circuit components or maintaining the equipment.


Make sure the voltage of the power source does not exceed ±10% of the nominal voltage. If so, the equipment will generate a caution.




Follow the below safety rules for electric connections:

· Disconnect all the intense current and controllable current connections.

· Hang the warning sign and lock up the security lock to make sure the system will not be accidentally operated.

· Use the insulating materials to cover the live parts.

· Setup the ground connection and protective short-circuit connection.

· Ensure the DC/BUS, AC BUS, and high voltage capacitors are not electrified using the universal meter.



2.4 Installation Tools

Required tools for installation:

No. Name   Description
1 Diagonal plier - To cut the wire tie
2 Wire stripper - To peel the wire skin
3 Wire cutter - To cut the wire
4 Wire crimper - To hold the wire
5 Universal meter - To test the ground connection
6 Measuring tape - To measure the diameter
7 Level ruler - To make sure the equipment placed horizontally
8 Safety gloves - Protect the workers hand from installation
9 Insulating gloves - Prevent the eclectic short.

Notes: The installation tools are not limited to the list above. Please prepare the tools based on site conditions.









CE-6000n power battery test equipment


If you are the first time user, please read the manual from Chapter 3. If you are the experienced user, please also read Safety Precautions’ in chapter 3 carefully.


Chapter3. Safety Notice

This chapter introduced the security considerations for test equipment. Before operating the equipment, please read this chapter carefully, follow the rules, ensure the safety of operators, and prevent damage to the test samples or testers.



3.1 Safety Precautions


Arrange for a certified electrician to check whether the equipment installation meets grounding requirements.


Only qualified technicians with relevant training experience are capable of maintaining or repairing this test equipment.


Do not operate the equipment in a humid working condition. If the humid working conditions are not avoidable, please ensure the operating technician is standing on the dry rubber pad or desiccated wood, insulation material for protection is required.


Ensure the operating technician wears gloves during the operation with the assistant.


Installation and maintenance must comply with the local applicable laws and regulations.


Regularly check the insulation and interface wear pattern. Replace any cracked or frayed cables on a regular basis.


Do not overload the cable.


The safety warnings listed in this manual only represent the parts that Neware realized. Neware does not take any responsibility for losses due to violations of general safety operation requirements or violations of safety standards for design, production and usage of test equipment.


3.2 Operating requirements for technician

Only certified technicians are qualified for operational practice such as transportation and installation.


Before operation, remove conductive objects such as jewelry and watches to avoid electric shocks or burns.


Please wear insulating gloves and insulated shoes before operation.


Please understand the proper operation method of the tools, in case of injury to the operator or damage to the equipment.


When this test equipment is operating in a humid environment, turn off the power as soon as you realize any water or moisture in the cabinet.