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MySQL Database EV PHEV HEV Battery Cycler System

MySQL Database EV PHEV HEV Battery Cycler System

  • High Light

    PHEV Battery Cycler System


    MySQL Database Battery Cycler System


    HEV Battery Charge Discharge Tester

  • Power Factor
    More Than 99% , Full Load
  • THDi
    Less Than 5%, Full Load
  • Input Power
    28.2 KW
  • Overall Efficiency
  • Discharge Mode
    CCD , CPD , CRD
  • Database
    MySQL Database
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
    USD negotiation per Unit
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    50 working days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    100 Units Per Month

MySQL Database EV PHEV HEV Battery Cycler System

Electric Motorcycle Motorbicycle Battery Cycler System Charge Discharge Tester


EV / PHEV / HEV Battery Testing System
CT-4000 , based on Neware 4th generation testing system , entered into market in 2008 .

CT-4000 supports some testings as follow: EV battery pulse charge / discharge , DCIR ( Direct Current Internal Resistance ) , cycle life and rate .

CT-4000 mainly applies for institutions , colleges and universities and EV battery manufacturers.


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CAN Bus Decoder
To handle data exchange with the BMS installed on battery module or pack , Neware EVT 7000 is also a CANBUS decoder with decode the signals from BMS . And these valuable data could be applied for further computing like used as stopping or protection conditions .

You can config which frame of CANBus data is for what use manually . Data also can be easily processed with the dbc file imported .


Simulation - the Way You Look into Reality
You know battery capacity at at constant current, or power, or load. But the reality is that no the energy is drawn by a constant variable. Your capacity or energy tested under constant conditions can only be a general one, and the cycle life tested such regime can also be largely deviated from reality. To have a better master of reality, simulation is introduced. GSM pulse is of such kind for phone batteries. for EV batteries, Drive Cycle Simulation is used.


Driving Cycle Simulation
Driving cycles are used to simulate car’s fuel economy at different operating conditions. There are many driving schedules or driving cycles that are issued by various agencies or institutes. You can visit the EPA (U.S. Environment Protection Agency) website for more: To simulate EV, you need to convert the speed output into the power consumption or regeneration of the energy storage device installed on the vehicle.



Channel Features Constant Current Source and Constant Voltage Source with Independent pairs of Closed - loop Structure
Voltage Per Channel Voltage Range 0V - 60V
Discharge Min Voltage 3V
Current Per Channel Current Range 1A~200A
Stop current 200mA
Charge Charge Mode CCCharge , CVCharge , CCCVCharge , CPCharge
End Conditon Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity , -deltaV
Discharge Discharge Mode CCD , CPD , CRD
End Condition Voltage , Current , Relative Time , Capacity
Pulse charge CCC , CPC
Discharge CCD , CPD
Min Pulse Width 500ms
Automated Switch Automated swith from charge to discharge for each pulse
End Condition Voltage, Test Time
Cycle Loop Measure Range 65535 times
Max Steps Per Loop 254
Protection Software Protection Power - down Data Protection
Off - line Testing Function
Setting Protection Condition,Setting Parameter - Low Voltage limit , Upper Voltage limit , Low Current limit , Upper Current limit , Delay Time
IP protection level Protection level IP20
A Means of Communication of Upper Machine TCP / IP Protocol
Communication Interface Ethernet Port


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